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Welcome to US Tires and Window Tint! We are Robbinsville, New Jersey’s premier shop for all things auto. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, customer service, and superior skill when it comes to window tinting, wheels, new and used tires, ceramic coating, paint protection film, and more! If you’re in need of a professional, friendly, experienced shop to tint windows in NJ, you’ve come to the right place!

Our Tinting Features

Particle Technology

Contains a proprietary blend of ceramic particles to act as a solid barrier to infrared heat while maintaining the ease of installation. 

Superior Heat Rejection

Shield your skin and car’s interior from the sun’s rays with superior tinting. If you’ve noticed your vehicle’s interior cracking or fading, sunburned arms, and scorching hot seats when getting into your vehicle, having a quality window tinting service done can protect you and your car!

UV Ray Protection

The UV rays of the sun are known to be harmful and can lead up to 90% skin cancers. However, there’s one way you may reduce your exposure–window film! With a maximum SPF 1000+, these products provide excellent protection from ultra violet (UV) damage.

Greater Clarity

We only use the highest quality films that result in ultimate clarity to allow you to drive without worry or glare. These films are made up of hundreds of layers that are thinner than a piece of paper for a sleek look that never lacks functionality.

Crystal Clear Signal

Like most things, there are always rumors floating around about window tint. Some believe it interferes with radio and cellular signal, but is that true? The simple answer is that it can be the case but there is also a solution. Metallic window films have tiny particles of metal in them and can interfere with signal if placed on the antenna of the vehicle. The key is to keep this type of film off the top of your windshield and away from antennas to keep that signal crystal clear!

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Tinted Windows NJ

Tinted windows NJ just got substantially easier, not to mention better, with our industry-leading service and commitment to delivering top quality work, we’re confident it’ll be the best experience you’ve had. US Tires and Window Tint has an unmatched staff of professionals who are ready for any challenge that comes your way! With so many options in sight when it comes time choose where exactly you should have your vehicles needs met, we know it can be overwhelming. Luckily for us, we have all sorts of ways to ensure we stand out among other shops: personalized attention from start to finish; competitive prices without sacrificing expertise or reputation–and more importantly unbeatable customer satisfaction and service. We are the best at what we do because you deserve personalized customer service and outstanding results. From your first encounter with us, it’s clear that each of our customers is treated as an individual with their own needs–not just another job on a list that needs to be completed! We take pride in helping people feel confident about getting their vehicle’s needs met with us and our work speaks for itself.


Many people are under the misconception that if they keep their vehicle in a garage, window tint isn’t necessary. That is just simply not the case. If there is sun exposure to your vehicle, for any amount of time, tint is for you! When you tint the windows of your car, you are not only investing in your vehicle but yourself. Harmful UVA and UVB rays can be blocked when the right tint is utilized. 


Okay–but what exactly is window tinting? We thought you’d never ask! Window tinting is the process of taking a sheet of film which is clear and applying it to the interior of your car’s window. The ultimate goal of window tinting is to lessen the radiation and heat that the sun’s rays cause long before those rays reach the inside of your car. There is also an aesthetically pleasing component to window tinting, allowing your car, truck, or SUV a sleek look while also providing privacy. 

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Benefits Of Window TINT

NJ car window tinting from US Tires & Window Tint provides all these benefits and more for the most comfortable ride!

NJ Tint

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Window Tinting New Jersey

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Car Window Tinting


The first step to window tinting is making sure the area in which the tinting will be taking place is clean and clear of all debris to ensure no particles of dirt or dust will interfere. That will be no problem in our shop as we take great care in our workspace! Next, we will need to remove any decals or stickers from your windows to make sure there are no issues with the tint film being applied properly. It’s always a good idea to vacuum the vehicles interior as well to make certain no dirt, dust, or old french fries from the backseat make an appearance during the tinting process! Once these steps are complete, we spray a solution on the vehicle’s windows and wipe them down for a clean canvas to work. Now, we’re ready to apply the window tint film which consists of placing the film over the outside of the entire window, with extra tint covering the edges. The tint is then sprayed with water and a knife is used to remove the excess film from the top, bottom, and both sides. The film is realigned and cleaned up to ensure it’s a perfect fit to get ready for heat gun and hard card use. The heat gun and hard card are used to smooth any bubbles that may have occurred and then a solution is sprayed again over the surface. Last but not least, the removable layer of tint is stripped away and what’s left is functional, sleek looking window tint!

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