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At US Tires and Window Tint, we’re proud to be able to offer everything your vehicle needs for some TLC, all under one roof! We are your one-stop-shop in Mercer County and beyond to keep your vehicle safe, looking great, and performing as it should. Ceramic coating is one of our most popular services and it’s no surprise! The best protection for your vehicle is ceramic coating. It’s more gloss, chemical resistant, and scratch-resistant than any other waxes or sealants on the market today! If you are looking to preserve the beautiful look of the exterior of your vehicle for years to come, then we have just the thing for you! 

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Ceramic coating has taken the car industry by storm and has become increasingly popular, but what is it? Ceramic coating is an industry-grade coating that is a chemical polymer solution that’s applied to the exterior of your car, protecting it from external paint damage. The ceramic coating on your car is more than just an attractive addition to the exterior. It’s also made from natural resources like quartz and sand, which are tough enough for the ever-changing and sometimes harsh! And because these stones can bond with hydrophobic properties in water, they create a durable barrier against dirt or grime while keeping contaminants out of sight.


Ceramic coating not only provides a protective layer that prevents blemishes and scratches but also makes it easier for you to keep your car clean by protecting against harmful UV rays. The intense water beading properties of this product ensure there’s no dirt run-off during washing cycles so the shine will last longer too! Ceramic coating should always be applied after your car has had a wash. If you leave any contaminants, dirt, or oily films on the vehicle it will prevent proper adhesion of ceramic coatings and cause flaws in its surface. 

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

  • Protects from the sun’s harmful rays – When you park your car outside, it’s exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays which can damage paint jobs. Ceramic coating will protect against oxidizing and fading so that color lasts longer!
  • Protects against chemical stains – With air pollution rate only rising, ceramic coating can be a huge relief. This is because it prevents acid from bonding to your car’s paint and damaging its surface!
  • Hydrophobic means easy cleaning – Ceramic coating not only protects against wear but also makes washing much easier! When you need to clean your car, ceramic Coating means no more worrying about polymer wearing off. To remove it completely requires another process involving polishing and wet-sanding which is why this material ensures long-term protection for any vehicle’s exterior paint jobs or surfaces. The water-repellent feature of this sealant means that all dirt and grime will slide off your car, leaving it spotless. 
  • Gloss factor – The aesthetics that car owners care about will be much improved with this new technology, as it gives their vehicles a glossy sheen and depth. Ceramic Coating adds more beauty to your vehicle’s paint job by making sure that every inch is brought out in perfect detail! 

How is Ceramic Coating Applied?

Industry-grade ceramic coating is the perfect solution for protecting your car from outside elements. The chemical polymer solution can be applied by hand, and just needs a little elbow grease to make all your glossy dreams a reality for your car, truck, or SUV! It’ll blend in with paint on all exterior surfaces and create an additional hydrophobic layer of protection against dings and scratches.


The ceramic coating on your car will not only keep it looking new but also add value to the vehicle. So if you’re committed to maintaining a high-end look for yourself and want others to notice too, then contact our team today!