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Us Tires And Window Tint FAQs

What happens if I roll my window down after tint?

The tinted window film is held in place by adhesives that take time to dry. Until then, rolling down the window could cause friction and scrape off some of this protection.

How much is window tint?

Tinting prices can vary, depending on what you’re having done. Feel free to send us a message or give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote!

What percent is factory window tint?

Most factory tint is somewhere between 15% and 20%

How long does window tint last?

Standard window tint can last for up to 5 years but if a high quality tint film is used, it can last even longer.

What is the darkest window tint?

The darkest window tint is 5%, however, that percentage is illegal in most states.

What are alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels are wheels that are made up of metal mixture including things like magnesium and aluminum.

What are staggered wheels?

Staggered wheels basically means that the wheels located on the back are a completely different size than the wheels located on the front of your vehicle.

What are premium wheels?

Premium wheels are simply alloy wheels that have chrome placed on top. Many people prefer the look of premium wheels.

How often should you rotate your tires?

It’s a good rule of thumb to rotate your tires about every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

How often should you get new tires?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests getting new tires put on your vehicle about every 6 years. This can, of course, vary depending on how much you drive and in what conditions, as well as if the tires you have were bought new or used.

What tires fit my car?

Give us a call or come by our shop and we can suggest some great tire options specifically for your car!

How long do spare tires last?

This all depends on whether you’re driving on a full size spare tire, which can last for years, or a donut, that shouldn’t be driven far—up to about 70 miles.

How much is auto detailing?

Auto detailing prices can vary depending on your interiors current state, as well as how large your vehicle is. Call us or come by our shop for a quote!

How much does paint protection film cost?

PPF prices can vary, as there are different levels of protection available. Give us a call or come by our shop for a quote!

How long does paint protection film last?

PPF can last for about 5-7 years depending on how well it’s taken care of and the conditions in which you’re typically driving.

How does paint protection film work?

PPF is a thin, invisible shield that is stuck to the exterior of your vehicle. It works by taking the impact from those pesky small pieces of gravel and other road debris to protect your paint.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Making an appointment with us is suggested so you don’t experience a wait. You can request an appointment by phone or via our website for convenience.

We recommend that you leave your vehicle windows rolled up for at least 24 hours after window film has been installed. This allows the film to cure and adhere to the glass before the window is moved.

The tint on your window does appear to get darker over the first few days or weeks after installation, but the key word here is “appear”. In actual fact, the tint remains the same shade. It’s the adhesive that changes. From there on out, your tint will ever so slowly get lighter as a result of sun bleaching.

It’s common to see small bubbles under freshly-installed tint. Normally, these bubbles should go away within a couple of weeks and should be very small. They may take longer to go away in cold weather and vanish faster in heat.

Even after a professional window tint, you may see a few tiny bubbles under the film and a haze on the glass. Streaks, haze, and bubbles are a normal part of the window tint drying process, so don’t worry! Bubbles can occur as moisture forms between the window and the film, but they will evaporate within a few days.Sep 1, 2021

And, as the tint is on the inside of your car’s windows and not the outside, and the windows are closed, the rain can’t get into your car and it won’t mess up your new tint. Tinting is, providing you do as you’re instructed, completely rainproof.

A 5% tint is extremely dark, and you can’t see through it at all. This is actually illegal in most states but is most commonly used on the back windows of limousines.

Metalized window tints help reduce heat by reflecting it away from your car. … By reflecting the sun’s rays, metalized window tinting can reduce glare and block harmful UV rays. Not only does a metalized window tint reduce heat, but it also strengthens the windshield.

With traditional installations, this is completely normal and temporary. For the first few days after your windows are tinted they might appear cloudy, hazy, and you may see little water pockets forming underneath the film.

But what I can tell you is that it’s normally between 2-3 days. Here are some of the contributing factors to the tint curing duration…